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WINNER PLUS Adult Mini holistic is a 100% natural holistic food, based on chicken, rich in red fruits and medicinal herbs, ideal for adult and vital small dogs.


A complete feed, balanced and enriched with the correct percentage of nutrients and minerals, for small size adult dogs of all breeds. Ideal for a proper nutrition near the ninth month of life, after growth and development phase. The small size croquette simplifies chewing process making it more palatable and digestible. Vitamin E carries out an antioxidant action, improving metabolic functions and supporting the muscular and immune system.

Dog’s weight / Daily feeding guide

2 kg / 40 – 60 g

4 kg / 70 – 100 g

6 kg / 100 – 130 g

8 kg / 120 – 160 g

10 kg / 140 – 190 g


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